NQT Manager Solution Overview

NQT Manager is a revolutionary service that will change the way you manage your NQTs forever. Once you have used the system you will ask yourself why you had never signed up before!

dashboardA proven solution

The original NQT management system was developed in 2001 for two of England's largest authorities - Kent County Council and Hertfordshire County Council.

Currently the system has managed over:

The system is so simple that Kent County Council, the UK's largest local authority, only has one Administrator operating the software and managing NQTs part-time!

Unique database solution

Many local authorities are currently managing their NQTs via spreadsheets or desktop database systems. These methods of managing NQTs seem to be a 'make do solution' and have often been passed on from one administrator to another. It is extremely difficult to provide multi access to these solutions without causing data errors or corruption, so it normally means that only one person can be entering or managing data at any one time. Not only do have they have access issues but they are also limited to the amount of data they can hold.

This is not the case with NQT Manager. NQT Manager is an online service that enables your whole team and all your schools to be using the system at the same time; just this one feature will save your team and schools hours of work. NQT Manager uses an enterprise level database system to ensure that your data is kept safe and can be stored forever.

No software to install

No Software to InstallNQT Manager is a web-based application (software as a service), which means that it can be accessed from any computer that has access to the Internet. There is absolutely no software to install. As long as you have an Internet browser you can access the system. 

This type of application offers huge advantages over the traditional software route:

Saving time and making induction easy for you and your schools.

Currently, you are probably receiving large amounts of paper three times a year and then entering the data into your desktop database system. Imagine never having to input another piece of assessment or registration data again! 

With NQT Manager, schools enter data directly into your NQT management system in a controlled manner. They register their new NQTs and complete assessments online; you no longer need to spend hours on data entry.

NCTL Registration and QTS Checks

All your NQTs that are registered through the NQT Manager are automatically checked against the NCTL's database to ensure they are registered and have QTS. The System brings back the date of QTS and sets up their first assessment accordingly.

NCTL Spreadsheets in Seconds

GTC LogoImagine being able to generate your NCTL spreadsheet in seconds. NQT Manager automatically generates it whenever you need it. There is no need to spend days building the NCTL spreadsheet anymore!

The NCTL export function creates all the fields required by the NCTL: Passes, Leavers, Extensions, Failures and Starters. Once it has been generated it can be downloaded, checked over and then sent to NCTL for their approval.

Secure NCTL uploads

You are now required by the NCTL to secure the data you send back to them in a password protected 256bit encrypted zip file and then upload it to their secure FTP server. This involves installing some software on your PC and having the knowledge to do it. Our system completely takes care of these requirements for you. You can upload your spreadsheet straight into NQT Manager and it will do the rest. It also contacts the NCTL for you to let them know you've sent a spreadsheet.

Keeping your data safe

The security of data of online systems has become a hot topic in recent years. NQT Manager was built with this in mind, making sure that all data is secured and every area of the system is only accessible to authorised users.

Keeping your data secure is only part of the solution. NQT Manager also keeps a rolling ten day snapshot of your data, which is backed up daily to ensure if something ever went wrong we can restore it instantly.

Quick access to data

Accessing archived assessments or even finding information about a particular NQT is often not a quick job. You have to go down into your document archives, or search multiple databases just to find what you are looking for. NQT Manager's search system allows you to query every aspect of your data; within seconds you can pull off information about NQTs, assessments, schools and tutors. You can search by numerous different criteria. 

Environmentally friendly and reduced costs

Environmentally FriendlyLocal authorities and UK organisations are being urged, and in some cases required, to reduce their carbon footprint. NQT Manger helps authorities and schools to achieve this by operating a completely paperless induction process. All registration and assessment forms are completed online via web forms and generated as PDF files. This means that they can be downloaded and stored on authorities' servers or can simply be left on the system.

It is estimated that if all the NQTs in England were to be managed through the NQT Manager, the education system would save 200,000 sheets of paper, equating to 28 trees per year and £24,000 in postage costs. This doesn't even take into account the energy required to transport the paper and the costs of storing the documents once they have been reviewed.

Keep up-to-date with the standards

Virtually every year the standards change slightly. These changes have a knock on effect throughout your authority. For example, you have to contact all your schools and tutors to make them aware of the changes; the possibility of you needing to offer additional training and then you need to distribute the new assessment forms or guidance information. NQT Manger takes care of all of this. Each year, the system is updated to comply with the NCTL standards so you and every school have access to this new information as soon as it becomes available.

Keeping in contact with your schools

Communicating with your schools and NQTs is a vital part of an NQT's induction process. NQT Manager has many built-in features that enable you to quickly and easily achieve this.

Support and Resources

The NQT Manger support team provides a comprehensive support system:

Support Help

Helping you to support your NQTs - With all the combined features that NQT Manger has to offer, the time saved can be used to help you support your NQTs and Schools.